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XI'AN BEICHENG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.(Shenzhen Victor Hi-Tech Co., Ltd)

RuoShui started an effort to establish a system which ensures traceability to the national standards. The System is in order to produce reliable instruments as well as instruments that can assure reliability of other equipment and installations. Our System standard source of its own research development and production has been approved by the National Bureau of Metrology and it is adopted by domestic manufacturers in the same industry.
When traceability is surely confirmed (guaranteed), the measurements which were taken with an instrument any time and anywhere in any situation can be related to the appropriate national measurement standards through a clear and unbroken chain of comparisons. 
The standard is used as the In-House Standard for calibrating all the test meters and measuring equipments which are used in-house.

production lines for digital multi-meters and 2 lines for digital clamp meter productions. There are 12 sets of equipment such as the bonding machine and 4 high-speed Samsung surface mount machine product lines. Production workshop adopts dust-free vacuum technology. Intelligent assembly and commissioning equipment is applied. We use our self-developed ERP system to increase production efficiency,reduce the human uncontrollable factors and truly realizes the procurement and production. We have truly integrated design, procurement, production, assembly, calibration and testing together. The current multi-meter production capacity is 10,000 PCS per day; the pass rate is over 99.6%.



    In the future Xi'an BeiCheng will face with significant changes and will be adaptable to the requirements, which brought by new technologies (ex: AI). We recognized that the importance of the global-environmental issues which effects on all human. So we registered a brand new brand RuoShui. At the same time of enterprise development,we focus on the living environment for the next generation. RuoShui pledges that we use technologies and manufacturing processes that will help to protect environment.



    On behalf of myself and all the VICTOR  & RUOSHUI employees and distributors, thank you for your patronage. Your business is appreciated.

XI'AN BEICHENG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD was established in 1980s. It was the first manufacturer who produces digital multi-meters in China in 30 years ago. The rapid development of science technology brought the use of Test Meter technology into a new era. Shenzhen VICTOR HI-Tech Co.,Ltd. has developed from the original single digital multi-meter to the full range of electricians Instruments, power measuring instruments and laboratory instruments. The sales volume of the products has a good lead over other counterparts in the country.



In 2013 we move the Shenzhen's production base to Xi'an, because the condition of the production capacity could not meet the existing market demand. The R&D team moved to Xi'an also. In 2015 we successfully Cooperated with Xi'an Beicheng Co., Ltd., and repositioned new export products in 2017. The new brand RuoShui was officially launched into the international market; We pay more attention on the products quality、products stability and qualified products for our customers. The current Product Base covers an area of more than 50 acres. We have more than 300 skilled workers and 50 R&D engineers; we build 3 fully automated