RuoShui Global Distributor Recruitment

RuoShui in Chinese -As Good As Water, Be Benefit To Everything

Our eternal pursuit : Provide durable & affordable high class

Test and measuring instruments ,be benefit to every Distributor,

dealer and user of RuoShui products .

Since 1980, China's 1st handheld Digital Multimeter born from

production line of Victor instruments, we have put every effort to

achieve this commitment, from product design, manufacturing to

sales, after-sales service , From Victor to RuoShui, we have adhere to

this philosophy and we will continue to improve.

If you want to develop a better global market for Test & Measuring instruments;

If you want to provide users with more cost-effective products;

If you want to find a strong manufacturer;

Victor instruments sales statistics for the last 10 years

In order to meet the fast-growing business needs of Victor Instruments, we officially launched the new and only export brand RuoShui.

We are now inviting companies and people who are interested and are willing to provide customers with more cost-effective electronic measuring instruments to join the RuoShui distributor network.

As an important bridge between consumers and manufacturer, distributors are responsible for the brand promotion, brand value transfer and market development. RuoShui always take you as an important partner.

Join US now !

Globe Distributor Recruitment Plan

RuoShui supports Distributors in the following Way:

◆ Offer special price, stable & on time supply, after-sales service

◆ Free or discount sample

◆ Local customer resource support

◆ Local professional exhibition support

◆ Annual sales rebate reward

◆ Exclusive sales gift support

◆ Other possible promotion support

◆ Product and sales training

◆ Marketing support includes advertising and promotional materials

◆ Strong brand foundation, competitive and cost-effective products

For the first time recruited distributors, We have trial sales support:

Trial sales model: Multimeter 97, 890C+, 9801A+;

                           Clamp meter: 606A, 606B, 606C;

                           Power measurement: 4105A, 60B+;

                           Process calibrator: 11+, 14+

Trial time: 3 months

Trial Sales Policy: Please contact us for detail

Distributors from below Countries are specially wanted :

Asia: Japan, Korea, India, Thailand

Europe: UK, Germany, France, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic

Africa: South Africa

Americas: United States, Brazil, Argentina

Oceania: Australia



1: Applications to the above countries will be prioritized by RuoShui, and RuoShui will not make any commitment to the processing time limit of the applicant's application.

2: The intention to initiate an application will be prioritized.


Online registration, download the dealer registration form

Applicants are requested to submit a completed RuoShui registration form

Our company only accepts applications in the form of e-mail, does not accept other forms of application and does not make an appointment. In order to ensure the smooth receipt of the application materials, please confirm that the information is less than 10M and send it to the following email address: wang@victorruoshui.com

If you have any questions, please call: 0086-755-21535381, 21535382